Who they are
Beautiful Gate, situated in Crossroads, provides care and support to vulnerable children, while strengthening the capacity of families within the community to care for their own and other children.

How we’re involved
Every week Lerato’s Hope volunteers assist in the charity shop, sorting donations, packing and pricing stock. This allows people in the community who have very little to purchase items they need cheaply and with dignity. 


Who they are

Abahlobo Crèche is an Early Childhood Development Center in Barcalona township. Abahlobo crèche has started out of the home of a compassionate lady, Nomahomba Sixoka affectionately known as Mama Beauty, who saw the need for a safe space for the children in her community. Abahlobo crèche provides two meals per day as well as early childhood development for 35-70 children between the ages of 0-6 years old.

How we’re involved

Lerato’s Hope has an eight year relationship with Abahlobo Crèche which has seen us rebuild the crèche with precast cement panels after it was burnt to the ground, installation of electricity and establishment of play surfaces for the children. Lerato’s Hope has built and equipped a kitchen and provides weekly food parcels that enable Mama Beauty to create two nutritious meals every day for the children attending Abahlobo crèche.


Who they are

Thabo Mbeki informal settlement is a community located in the Lower Crossroads area of Cape Town. One of the leaders, Buzwe Kali is a partner to Lerato's Hope.

How we’re involved

Lerato’s Hope has grown its relationship with this community, focusing on assisting the leadership in providing children with stationery for the new school year.

Who they are

Founded by a young leader, Siphelele Bushule, who saw the need for reading skills among the young children in his community. This is an expanding after-school program for children of the Phillip East community.

8432 Corner of Vietnam Road
5 Phillipi East
Tel 066 009 7369
Fax 086 601 4136

NPO 177-806
Tax no: 9003999274
PBO: 930061934 (Approved S18A)

How we’re involved

Lerato’s Hope has only recently begun a connection of financial support with this partner. 


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