Lerato, whose name means "love", is the inspiration behind Lerato’s Hope.


She is living proof of the fact that with love, nurture and anti-retrovirals, an HIV positive person can live a happy and fulfilled life. Lerato continues to enjoy a good quality of life, and has become an integral part of our community.

Leratos Hope, founded and based in 2002 in suburban Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa, is a Christian non profit organisation which builds meaningful partnerships with existing grass roots organisations, initially focused on care, treatment, and support for poor families affected by HIV and AIDS in the Cape Town areas of Gugulethu, Nyanga, Crossroads and Philippi. As of 2015, the mission has shifted to areas of poverty, child development and social justice in a more general sense.



Leratos Hope operates in partnership with the recently established Mercy & Justice ministry at our church, Pinelands Baptist Church. You can learn more about this ministry at its own site:

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